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Procure Xperts is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer where each of our applicants is treated with utmost confidentiality and equality irrespective of race, caste, creed, religion etc.


At Procure Xperts, we’ve strive to provide an environment where people feel empowered and responsible encouraging them to explore new ideas and concepts. We believe in investing in people to bring the best in them and as a team we stand by our people and ensure both personal and professional growth is achieved.

Current Job Opening

We welcome you to apply for position suitable to your profile and if any job which you feel is not listed and you feel you can add value then send your resume on careers@procurexperts.com

Business Development Executive will work closely with Business Development Manager to ensure you are attending monthly meetings, reports and cold calling potential clients across the target market to attract potential buyers to our product. Managing entire database using in-house CRM to capture lead and converting them into customers.
Business Development Manager will design, develop and implement new strategies to grow business across regions working closely with Director or VP of product services. You will work along with BDE to ensure they have what all it takes to reach to potential buyers through different mediums and methods of advertising, campaigning and marketing our product.
Research Analyst will interpret, manage, and analyze research data in order to translate results into better solutions. You will work to facilitate greater returns through surveys, research calls, meetings, and analyzing habits and data of competitors.
Customer Relationship Officer will ensure that customer inquiries are handled in a timely and organized manner and that satisfaction and loyalty are maximized. You would be analyzing customer complaints, developing corrective strategies, creating and implementing customer retention campaigns and training the Customer Service staff.
As a Content Writer you will handle the ideation and creation of compelling content including website copy, white papers, blog posts, social media content, and product/service descriptions. You will be responsible for adding value by actively engaging customers/stakeholders and maintaining a cohesive brand voice.


We believe in transparency and empowerment of our employees, as we grow we ensure the growth of our employees. We invest in employees through our education programs.

Why Join Procure Xperts

We are a transparent, fun loving and employee empowering company believes in investing in growth of the employee through various programs under education and reskilling.

We provide competitive benefits along with healthcare insurance to our employees ensuring coverage on any emergency situations. We believe in securing the future of both the company and team.

We like creative people and ideas that challenge the status quo, we expect the mistakes and believe in learning through mistakes which Procure Xperts have been an employer of choice for so many creative talented individuals.

We provide an environment for people to grow and envision their dream careers with us through empowerment, transparency, great culture and processes. We believe in working together and achieving together. Come join the journey with Procure Xperts!




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