Procure Xperts Solutions for Procurement Problems

Procure Xperts Solutions for Procurement Problems.

Many Procurement professionals compromise on process efficiency, transparency and accountability in managing purchase and supply data. There is a need for enterprises to invest in e-procurement utilizing procurement agencies. Procure Xperts, a Cloud based Product which serves with EProcurement & Supply Chain Management.

Procurement inefficiencies becomes expensive to organizations, leading to transaction disputes, delayed purchases and missed discounts. Attempting to speed up the procurement process with outdated tools like spreadsheet is not possible yet. Embracing the technology has become a need to survive in the market.

There are certain challenges which procurement professionals faces in handling ample number of documents manually

Indirect purchases

Being a part of a 'buy and sell' business, the major challenge is the keeping an eye on expenditures. Manual process is not capable to track the expenditures by the company Even a tiny change can hamper supply, COP (cost per unit), or a product/service quality. Along with increase in procurement waste, dark purchases decreases procurement efficiency and optimization.

Procure Xperts works as an automated processed e-procurement suit. It will help businesses save cost on procurement with standardized process and faster execution with a categorized spend data for detailed insights. There isn't a need to track and note each and every expenditure while Procure Xperts works for you.

Long-Process Cycle and Supply issues

Procurement holding a huge data of goods/service exchange, turns out to be delaying the technical specifications. Also the changes that client makes are overlooked and not recorded in the data manually. Supply issues in procurement process has been lacking with building a communication with the clients. Lacking in keeping records because of reliance on manual processing. With multiple clients, comes multiple data, which increases task on hand.

Transparency plays an important role when it comes to business management. Procure Xperts is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrated system. which is utilised to optimise business process management. Procure Xperts provides access to the authorised personnel of the enterprise, which can keep updating their sudden or indirect expense. Fully customisable and user-friendly software, increases transparency, also strengthens client's engagement.

Inaccurate Data

Any procurement decision requires accurate and reliable data along with easy access to it. Lack of data management expertise leads to problems like inventory shortage or excess in inventory.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and other tools, Procure Xperts will refine and redefine procurement with a broad interconnected variety of procurement tools, while nullifies the chances of inaccurate data.

Procure Xperts- Transforming Procurement

Your procurement wing must get comfortable with advanced data mining and analysis technique in big data. Procure Xperts is a Procurement System that provides ease to your streamlined procurement management processes so you can achieve cost savings while saving your employees valuable time by providing the most efficient improvement in cost, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters within your supply chain. Carry your purchasing activities to the cloud through our web based strategic sourcing platform.

Maintain all your procurement processes to online environment with our e-Procurement Software. Manage your purchase requisitions, RFQ's, PO's, approvals and delivery stages on a system integrated with your in-house ERP processes and systems. Determine your road maps for the future by making detailed analysis of your purchasing activities and real time spends. Complete details at transactions, items, price agreements, suppliers, categories and purchasing.

Start a professional and sustainable Supplier Relationship Management. Collaborate and share with suppliers on a single platform and maintain the Price agreements with Suppliers. Enables suppliers to interact with the purchasing through our procurement system and maintaining the performance of the purchase order fulfilment. Procure Xperts result-oriented approach comes through a combination of intelligent technology, domain expertise and a deep understanding of client business goals and challenges. Solving the procurement problems have become much easier.

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